Club Grand Prix

The Rochester Runners Grand Prix (RRGP) is a unique way to recognize everyone in the club who runs races during the year, without requiring a fixed set of specified races. Performance is rewarded on the basis of consistency and improvement, not comparisons to other runners’ times. Please see the files below for more information on the latest standings of the club members.

For a complete description of how the RRGP works, see the following link:

For standings by year:

2014 RRGP Final

2014 RRGP Final Standings

2013 RRGP Final

2013 RRGP Final Standings

2012 RRGP Final

2012 RRGP Final Standings

2011 RRGP Final

2011 RRGP Final Standings

2010 RRGP Final

2010 RRGP Final Standings

2009 RRGP Final

2009 RRGP Final Standings